No public gathering would be allowed during the election period, which is from February till May for the National Council elections and August to October for the National Assembly elections.
This, the Election Commission of Bhutan, says is in preparation for the upcoming parliamentary elections. The prohibition of public gatherings during the election period is part of efforts to ensure free and fair elections.
The public gatherings include religious activities and marriage ceremonies. “We will not be able to allow public to do unplanned gatherings except if it is at all unavoidable circumstances such as death,” ECB’s Phub Dorji said.
The ECB also says that the aspiring National Council Candidates would be allowed to undertake familiarization tour only till 15th of this month.
A staggering 172 aspiring candidates have registered with ECB so far. Fifty one of them have been issued the letter of attestation. The letter of attestation certifies formal university degree qualification of the candidates.