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BBS Japanese sewage treatment system being piloted in Bhutan

Sonam Phuntsho, Thimphu
Feb 8, 2018


Bhutan will try a new technology called Dojo-Joka to treat waste water. Dojo-Joka system is a low cost sustainable waste water treatment technology of Japanese origin.
This new small scale sewage system with energy saving technology adds to the existing options for Bhutan to address challenges related to sanitation and waste water management system.


Various stakeholders were introduced to the system at a seminar held yesterday in Thimphu.
The President of Japan’s MOKAN-JOKA System Co. Ltd, Hiroko Kimura, said the technology uses natural energy to treat the waste water. “This technology was developed by my father. It is very effective and liked in Japan. This technology can be used in Bhutan and it can withstand extreme weather conditions.”
Wastewater management is among the issues identified as priority in Thimphu. Given Thimphu’s population density and availability of land, Dojo-Joka system is being seen a viable option.
“The Dojo-Joka system requires mechanical equipment,” Dechen Yangden from the Water and Sanitation Division of the health ministry said.
“It just needs a blower, control panel, and if there are some problems with, then we might at the most need a pump. But other than that, it is a tank and with that the operation and maintenance would be very minimal. We would require less manpower to operate this kind of system.”


The Department of Engineering Services and Thimphu Thromde is currently piloting a sewerage treatment plant using Dojo-Joka System technology at Hejo in collaboration with Mokan Joka Private limited.
The pilot project is a first project of its kind to be implemented in Bhutan under the JICA public-private partnership.
Under this system, the treatment tanks are installed beneath the top soil, which enables land use for other purposes such as development of public spaces.