This book is the first book in French about dzongkha, the national language of Bhutan, and it took almost 10 years to come to light !.
 It is published by the French publisher l'Harmattan in a series dedicated to the languages of the world .

The main author is the great linguist George /Georges van Driem and the book is an updated translation in French of his book published with Karma Tshering:
The Grammar of Dzongkha (rDzong kha'i brDa sprod pa'i gZhung), Dzongkha Development Commission:
Thimphu, 1992, pp. 388.

My contribution has been modest: it has been to coordinate the publication and write the chapters of introduction.

It has been a long and tedious journey but it is rewarding as we are happy to contribute to the awareness of the Dzongkha language amongst a French-speaking audience.
Very best regards,
Francoise Pommaret

PS I have not yet seen the published book myself.

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